You all know I'm REALLY looking forward to the release of Hitman: Absolution later this year and Square Enix have been releasing all sorts of videos and interactive materials to go on the official website but this Trailer is by far the best yet.

It introduces gamers like me to Agent 47 and the things he can do, it also allows gamers to see the different styles of play on offer. If you're like me and being stealthy makes your heart explode, you can now manage to complete kills by all out action, brutality and MURDER!!!! I love it... this re-introduction to a video game icon is wonderful and Square Enix just made me wee a little with excitement.

Square Enix and IO Interactive today revealed "INTRODUCING: AGENT 47", the first gameplay trailer in a new original series. Created entirely from original gameplay moments, INTRODUCING is dedicated to show the richness, depth and possibilities surrounding the living and breathing world of HITMAN: ABSOLUTION™ - powered by IO INTERACTIVE'S new proprietary  GLACIER 2™ technology.