The incredible effect that social media is having on the world cannot be understated. From the way we are able to globally connect, to the way we get our entertainment, to the way we interpret politics, social media has had an impact on our lives. For most of those in younger generations, social media is an integral part of life.

We may not consider it much, but the advent of social media has greatly altered the way that many major industries do business, and the movie and entertainment industry is no exception. Social media has changed the way in which movies are anticipated and promoted, and many celebrities have been able to greatly expand their opportunities to promote both themselves and the films they star in. 

Of course, there are positive and negative aspects to everything, and social media use within the entertainment industry is no exception. Social media has helped to launch thousands of careers and greater discussion and hype revolving around new movies. But it has also cost a great deal, especially because one negative review can travel much farther than ever before. 

Finding Talent

Perhaps one of the most profound ways in which the world has been altered by social media is its ability to help connect people who would otherwise never meet. This has allowed us to understand the world through the eyes of different cultures and spread ideas like never before. It has also helped millions find jobs — nearly three-quarters of those 18-34 have found leads to jobs using social media.

The movie and entertainment industry is no exception. Developing a popular YouTube channel or becoming an influencer on Instagram has become the new avenue for fresh talent to be discovered. Even the idea of hiring an agent to help aspiring actors and actresses break onto the big screen is changing. 

Nowadays, many believe they will be able to better serve themselves saving some money and using social media to be discovered. Although social media has certainly helped a number of aspiring superstars make it big, doing so is still no simple feat. It can take years of hard work and effort to build a following large enough to be noticed by people who can launch you to the top.

Building Engagement

Social media now also plays a substantial role in how new movies are advertised and the hype is built prior to opening day. Months before a movie hits theaters, trailers and teasers are released online and fly like wildfire across social media networks garnering likes and shares and building suspense for fans. This type of advertising has helped buoy the industry even though box office ticket sales have steadily fallen since the early 2000s. 

Building online hype has become one of the most powerful means of marketing a new movie or TV show. Social media outlets have begun to play an increasingly important role in maintaining excitement throughout the week. For instance, television shows that air only for an hour once a week relies on sneak-peaks and fan engagement on show-related content to maintain enthusiasm.

Nowadays, approximately half of all people will post about what they are going to see in theaters and over 70% will describe their thoughts about a movie online in some form or another after watching a movie. As expected, these thoughts and ideas are shared over and over and may influence a friend’s decision to see the film in theaters or wait. This means that online reviews can completely make or break an expected big box office hit.

Negative Consequences

As there are many positives to the use of social media, there are also some substantial negatives. Although we have been able to connect more effectively than ever, this connectivity has put us at greater risk. For instance, the number of distracted driving accidents related to the cell phone or social media use is skyrocketing. 

A number of recent films have taken to exploring the negative sides of social media in our lives such as “Ingrid Goes West” and “Men, Women, and Children.” Both movies delve into how social media can negatively influence the things we do and how it can significantly alter the ways in which we relate to the people we speak to face-to-face every day. They show the darker sides of unlimited social media. 

Even within the movie industry, the negative consequences of social media are evident. A number of stars have been lambasted for personal and public activities online, which can have a profound impact on their long-term careers. Examples of this include Charlie Sheen’s complete and total meltdown on Twitter that led to the demise of his career and Drake Bell’s insensitive comments regarding Caitlyn Jenner’s transition reveal. 

Additionally, a number of movie fans critique how much of the movie is now given away online before it ever hits theaters. Some popular big box office hits may have as much as 30 minutes of the movie released early in trailers, commercials, and sneak-peaks. 

Within the entertainment industry, social media has greatly altered the way business is done. Now, new talent can be found online and the success of a movie or TV show can be gauged based on how many positive reviews it gets through social media channels. Of course, it does have its negatives as some dislike the ways shows are currently being hyped online. Whether social media is helpful or not is dependent on how it is utilized. Social media isn’t going anywhere, so it’s up to the entertainment industry and those in it to use these platforms to their advantage. 

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