James Bond is back on October 26th in the UK and November 8th in the US.

Cinemas around the world are about to follow Bond on another thrilling and explosive journey as his loyalty to M is tested as phantoms from her past threaten to bring her down.

Women, Cars and Guns? Everything a man loves... Daniel Craig as Bond everything a woman dreams *Swoons*.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Sony Pictures have released a brand new TV spot called "Bond Is Back" and they've also released a promo trailer featuring the brand new Skyfall theme by Adele. Sounds like Bond themes are back to the soulful power ballads they once were and although I'm no Adele fan, I'm happy that the transition has been made back to one of the components that made Bond a great and memorable franchise over the year.

Bond isn't just a success because of it's films, it's successful because of the talent and music it's produced over the years as well. Long may he live on.

Directed by Sam Mendes; Starring Daniel Craig, Helen McCrory, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench and a whole host more, Skyfall looks set to be one of the biggest outings for Bond yet. Adapting to tastes over the years this is a man who never goes out of style.

Although if I was choosing a Bond song, I'd look to one of my favourites.... It sounds Bondy too!