When it was first announced that Jason Bateman was going to be directing the Ryan Reynolds led Clue reboot, it seemed like a perfect match. Bateman made his feature directorial debut with the comedy Bad Words in 2013 and followed that in 2015 with The Fang Family. Since then, Bateman as gone on to win an Emmy for directing episodes of his hit Netflix series Ozark, and also helmed two episodes of HBO's The Outsider. However, earlier this year Bateman dropped out of directing Clue, and in an exclusive interview with Collier the actor/director has revealed why he had to make the tough call.

"That’s something [Clue] that we were getting very close to starting, but as it turned out, something of that size takes much longer to do than what the seasonal hiatus was able to accommodate. It would have pushed back the start of the season too far. So, unfortunately, I had to step off of that. But if it’s still around when Ozark is all wrapped up, I’d love to do it. But who knows? They might put it a different director on it before then; we’ll see. Unfortunately, my ability to direct features really…There’s a certain size of a film that I just can’t qualify for because of the amount of time I’m able to take care of, in craft and shooting and in post."

While the previous movie they starred in together, The Change-Up, was utterly forgettable, Reynolds and Bateman's on-screen chemistry was on fire. He might not be directing Clue, but Bateman is still attached to co-star alongside Reynolds in the movie which will now be directed by James Bobin (The Muppets). All three seasons of Ozark are available to stream on Netflix.