The universe of John Wick is set to expand with the long-mooted TV series spin-off set in the most stylish hotel for assassins, The Continental. In a recent interview with Deadline, Lionsgate Television chairman Kevin Beggs gave a big update on the series and has revealed some plot details on the eagerly awaited series. 

“What we’re exploring in The Continental is the young Winston and how it came to be that he and his team of confederates found their way into this hotel which we have met for the first time in the movie franchise 40 years later. That’s the arena. I won’t give away more than that, but Starz really leaned into this take also, and they have been great collaborators. And how we’ve approached this first season is as three essentially 90-minute events which you could construe as a limited series or a limited event series.”

In the three years since the series was announced, there has been speculation as to a cameo or appearance from Keanu Reeves. However, as the show is going to be set long before John Wick became deadly with a pencil, it's unlikely we'll see Reeves on camera. That being the case, he'll be involved in the series as an executive producer.

“Keanu is in talks to executive produce. Because we’re way back in time, way back pre-John Wick and even pre-young John Wick, that character is not finding his way into the universe. We are in the John Wick universe, but it’s way back in time. Think about the Game of Thrones prequels before you know any of the players, but you do know the world. But Keanu and Chad have read every draft and been enthusiastic supporters of expanding this universe in a meaningful way. So, I never rule out anything, but at this point, he’s pretty busy making his movies which are very important to us.”

While Ian McShane won't be reprising his role as Winston, perhaps the producers could convince him to provide some narration to top and tail each episode. Following the events of John Wick Chapter 3, it would be only fitting that Winston was feeling reflective of his past. Meanwhile, John Wick 4 is due to start filming in June, the original plan was to shoot chapters 4 and 5 back to back, but due to the pandemic, Lionsgate decided to make each film separately. 

John Wick Chapter 4 is due for release May 27, 2022.