The Coronavirus pandemic forced every in-production TV show and movie to shut down, leaving hundreds of projects in limbo. However, one of the many TV shows to complete filming before the lockdown was the second season of The Mandalorian. Disney's CEO already revealed that season two wouldn't be delayed, and now creator, executive-producer, and director Jon Favreau has offered an update. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, here's what Favreau had to say; 

"We were lucky enough to have finished photography before the lockdown. Thanks to how technology-forward Lucasfilm and ILM are, we have been able to do all of our visual effects and editing and postproduction remotely through systems that had been set up by those companies for us."

Favreau also revealed that season two would bring new characters into the fold and delve deeper into the lives of the fan favourites.  

"As we explore partnering with new filmmakers and having new characters and going deeper with the characters we already have, it's really been very fun and fulfilling, and I hope people are having as much fun seeing it as we are having making it."

Some of those new filmmakers include The Mandalorian writer/producer Dave Filoni, Ant-Man's Peyton Reed, and Robert Rodriguez, all directing episodes of the second season. I think I speak for every Star Wars fan when I say watching The Mandalorian is a whole lot of fun, but I'll bet my Kylo Lightsaber that making it is way more fun. Deborah Chow and Taika Waititi, who helmed episodes of the first season, will be returning to the Star Wars universe. Once he's finished Thor Love and Thunder, Waititi will write and direct an as-yet-unspecified brand new Star Wars film. Meanwhile, Deborah Chow will be directing the entirety of the highly anticipated Obi-Wan series that brings Ewan McGregor back as the legendary Jedi Master.

The first season of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+; season 2 is expected to launch sometime later this year.