Always nice news when sequels long touted but still seemingly non-existant gather casting news.

Sure, many moons ago it seemed like Angelina Jolie was A Dame To Kill For, but in 2013, as Robert Rodriguez prepares to go back to Basin City in Sin City 2, a new cast has been accumulated. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is to play a gambler with an attitude, and a mission. As with any Sin City story, expect him to commit horrendous acts of outrageous violence for the betterment of the brutal city.

In addition to the Looper actor's casting, it appears that Clive Owen has been replaced in the follow-up to the 2005 hit with Josh Brolin. The Gangster Squad star is to be in a story set prior to the events of the earlier film, and as logical as these films get, continuity may not be too important. Owen was great in the first one, but perhaps they wanted a different energy for this story, more intense chin work.

Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For is currently shooting, thankfully, for an early October release, written and directed by Rodriguez and the comic's creator Frank Miller, with Departed writer and Oscar winner William Monahan also as a credited writer.