Joss Whedon's new sci-fi drama The Nevers has landed at HBO after an intense bidding war with Netflix. Deadline describes The Nevers as "an epic science fiction drama about a gang of Victorian women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies, and a mission that might change the world."

In a statement released via Deadline, Joss Whedon sounds positively beaming about getting stuck into an entirely original creation.

“I honestly couldn’t be more excited. The Nevers is maybe the most ambitious narrative I’ve created, and I can’t imagine a better home for it than HBO. Not only are they the masters of cinematic long-form, but their instant understanding of my odd, intimate epic was as emotional as it was incisive. It’s been too long since I created an entirely new fictional world, and the HBO team offer not just scope and experience, not just ‘prestige,’ but a passionate collaboration. I could go on, but – I’m impatiently grateful to say – I have work to do.”

If the combination of the Victorian era, warrior women and Joss Whedon sound familiar, then consider yourself a superfan. Back in 2015, Whedon announced a Dark Horse comics limited run of a new comic book creation called Twist. In his own words, the six issues would set to answer the greatest question of our time "why isn’t there a Victorian female Batman?" Three years on and Twist is still in the works, but perhaps it served as a gateway to The Nevers.

Whedon has been noticeably absent from both the film and television landscape over the last few years since he decided to take a break after Age of Ultron. Aside from his minimal involvement with Agents of SHIELD, and briefly defecting to DC to finish Justice League and write/direct Batgirl. Whedon stepped down from Batgirl having realised he wasn't the right person to tell this story.

The Nevers will be the first original Whedon TV series since the criminally underrated Dollhouse closed its doors in 2010. Victorian era, a band of kick-ass ladies fighting relentless enemies, HBO, Joss Whedon, I'm all in on this one.