Two weeks after its international release, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom roared into cinemas all over North America. Devouring more than $148 million for the weekend, Fallen Kingdom did slightly better than expected, but it was a far cry away from the $208 million Jurassic World generated back in 2015.

On the surface, the $60 million difference would suggest franchise fatigue, but when Jurassic World hit cinemas three years ago, it had been fourteen long years since the woeful conclusion to the original trilogy. Simply put nostalgia and anticipation played a big part of Jurassic World's monstrous $1.6 billionglobal success. Cut to present day and Fallen Kingdom is just another sequel, but Universal played a smart game by releasing the movie internationally before its domestic debut.

Jurassic Wolrd hit all the major territories at once back in 2015, and rightly so, it was a big movie, and it did even bigger business than anybody could have predicted. Believe it or not, early forecasts for the first Jurassic World had it closing out at around $850 million. The final tally was nearly double. A slower rollout can be risky if the film is terrible as it arrives in the US under a cloud of negativity. However, that's not the case here as Fallen Kingdom is, for the most part, a superior movie than its predecessor. It has a plethora of flaws and does something so profoundly game changing so late in the game it becomes jarring, but it was infinitely more enjoyable. That might not be saying much as all the Spielbergian magic has been squeezed out of this franchise long ago, let's not forget the talking Raptor in Alan's nightmare in JP3.

Currently, Fallen Kingdom has generated more than $715 million worldwide and is unlikely to match the success of Jurassic World by the time it leaves cinemas. That said, reaching $1 billion is just about guaranteed.

Elsewhere in the US top ten, The Incredibles 2 continues to break records for a Disney/Pixar release with almost $500 million taken globally thus far. The long awaited sequel has already surpassed the $249 million the original film made in the US during the entirety of its theatrical run. Ocean's Eight hit the all-important $100 million mark in the US for a running worldwide total of $171 million. Deadpool 2 reached a significant global milestone by crossing the $700 million mark, and acclaimed low budget horror Hereditary has clocked up a respectable $50 million for audiences around the world.

Finally, Solo: A Star Wars Story continues its disappointing run with just over $200 million for the US. The international box office has been just as unforgiving with an underwhelming $153 million. I think it's been out long enough to officially label Solo a box office flop.