Proving that the Jurassic Park franchise is far from extinct, the opening weekend for the belated fourth movie in the series has left an indomitable box office footprint. Arriving 22 years on from the original, Jurassic World opened to a global weekend of more than $511 million, exceeding all high-end predictions the movie has now been confirmed as having the highest opening weekend of all time.

The signs were there that Jurassic World was going to get off to a flying start after its $82 million Friday US launch. Jurassic World’s $208.8 million US opening weekend has surpassed that of Age Of Ultron and narrowly overtook the $207 million opening of The Avengers from 2012. As a an added bonus, Jurassic World is the first movie in history to accumulate half a billion dollars worldwide in its opening weekend. A feat that no masked superheroes, Harry Potter, a company of dwarves or giant blue cat people have been able to achieve.

The potent mixture of nostalgia and our universal love of dinosaurs has delivered a worthy action packed sequel that doesn’t skimp on the spectacle. Easily the best Jurassic Park sequel to date even if it does lack the awe of the original. As a quick cautionary note, If you are planning on seeing Jurassic World on 4DX you will get wet unless you turn the water button off. You’re welcome.

The success of Jurassic World solidifies Chris Pratt’s status as a leading man and one of the most bankable new actors around. His turn as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy elevated him from cheeky supporting actor to bonafide movie star hero. His performance in Jurassic World also serves as a potential audition reel for his rumoured casting in the Indiana Jones reboot.