The goings on behind the scenes of major blockbusters are often as dramatic and intriguing as the movies themselves. Over the years this has lead to some fantastic documentaries, books and even satire on the various troubled Hollywood productions. Taking a slightly askew perspective on the collaboration between Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan on last year’s Man Of Steel, a new web series pokes fun at what happened when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Described as “a comedic parody web series based on the ‘true story’ on the making of last year’s big Hollywood hit, Man of Steel.” Directed by Eoin Mason and co-written by our very own Andrew Jones, Tales from Development Hell: Waiting for Man of Steel has launched its pilot episode and has turned to Kickstarter to fund the rest of the series. 

The creative union of Nolan and Snyder still stands as one of the most unlikely in recent Hollywood history, each filmmaker has a vastly different style and opposing attitudes towards the use of digital effects. I think it’s fair to say that more than a few of us wonder how that first meeting with Nolan and Snyder went down, in my mind it happened more or less as depicted in the pilot episode for Development Hell which you can check out below. Mining the comedy gold from the situation this is a web series that will appeal to the refined geek and movie fans alike.

There are a variety of perks up for grabs to backers, including having your name in the credits, a guest spot on the Let’s Make A Movie Podcast, and the highly sought after Development Hell notepad and pen.  

For more information about the project check out their Kickstarter campaign page.