There is so much happening in the DC TV Universe right now that all the fans are getting freaked out. How does it feel when the characters from the comic books are brought to the real life? Surely, for all the comic book readers that are a dream come true and the CW DC TV shows are making that dream true for all of us.

On the season two finale of the Flash, we saw Barry tricked the Time Wraiths to go after Zoom by creating a time remnant to destabilize the magnetar to save the multiverse and Joe West in the process. Does it sound like Hebrew?

Well, we all saw what happened at the end of Flash season 2; we saw that time Wraith transformed Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon into a demonic being powered by speed-force and that was the very first time we saw Black Racer or the Black Flash. Since then we were sure that CW has some plans with this popular DC character and we were right to every bit of the Season 2 episode 10 of the Legends of Tomorrow debuted the Black Racer in action for the very first time.

You might be thinking who the Black Flash is? Well, let me give you a little insight on the Black Racer. The Black Flash or the Black Racer is the personification of death itself in the comic books. The character first debuted in the comics during the Grant Morrison run of the Flash comics. At that time Barry Allen was dead after the events of Final Crisis and Wally West was the main Flash. According to the DC Comics, a speedster cannot die simply; when a speedster dies, he will be sucked back into the speed force, the source of the power of all the speedsters in DC comic books. Hence, the Black Flash is the grim reaper for all the speedsters, and if a speedster sees him then, the death is nearing.

Now, at the beginning of the season 3 of the Flash, we saw the Flashpoint storyline where Barry has locked the Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne in a cage. And after getting freed from the cage, he travels back in time to form a partnership with Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn to find the Spear of Destiny to rewrite the reality itself and formed the Legion of Doom. But like the things that happen in every other team of super villains, Darhk and Merlyn go against Eobard to trap him inside the bank vault to collect the mnemonic archive containing the memories of RIP Hunter. And that is when the Black Flash appeared for the first time. Well, no doubt the CGI team of CW has made it totally comic book accurate, and we cannot be any happier.

The way the episode 10 of the Legend’s of Tomorrow turned out with its big reveal, it totally blew everyone’s mind, and I cannot wait to see the Black Racer in action. This is very exciting how the showrunners are weaving the plots of Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. And we are sure that Black Racer is going to appear in the Flash too by the end of the season. Hence, control your excitements and keep watching to see how it turns out.