The Lego Movie 2 claimed the top spot at the US box office, but everything wasn't so awesome with an opening weekend of $34.4 million. Warner Bros had previously forecast an opening weekend in the mid $50 million range, an estimate they stood by right up until its release. The sequel has generated less than half the opening weekend of the original film which was also released in February back in 2014 ($69 million).

For the most part, critics have deduced that the second part is good, but not quite as good as part one, and audiences polls have yielded a positive response. However, for all the good vibes franchise fatigue has set in early to the Lego Universe. The success of the first film led Warner Bros to put a sequel and a roster of spin-offs into development. The Lego Batman Movie was enough of a hit ($311 million) to get a sequel of its own, but The Ninjago Movie failed to connect grossing $123 million worldwide. As far as the casual moviegoer is concerned The Lego Movie 2 is the fourth film in the franchise over the last five years.

There's a strong case to be made that Warner Bros was a tad premature spinning the franchise off after just one movie. A five-year wait for a sequel has likely played a part in its lackluster opening weekend. The Lego Movie 2 only managed $18.1 million from its international launch, while it has several key territories to go, all the signs are indicating that the sequel is going to struggle to come close to the $459 million global hauls of the first film.

It remains unclear if the tepid response to the Lego Movie 2 will have an impact on the rest of the Lego Movie Universe. A sequel to The Lego Batman Movie is already in development as is The Lego Brick Race (formally titled The Billion Brick Race).

The Lego Movie 2 is out now in cinemas