Don't ask me who or what this story is about but whenever Lenovo are involved I know I have to share it. The brand up until a few years back for me was straggling but as fate would have it a Yoga Ultrabook fell into my lap and it's my one key piece of tech to do blog posts and all my office work from. It's fast, it's reliable and it doubles as a tablet, all be it a rather large tablet! I'm pretty sure I saw a Yoga Ultrabook in Transformers: Age of Extinction as well.... Lenovo are getting everywhere and they should. 

There's no way the Luna Rossa will have issue at the 35th America's Cup in 2017 with Lenovo on their side!

Lenovo takes to the high seas
as official supplier of Luna Rossa

“Technology has become a key success factor in sailing races”
says the skipper of Luna Rossa, Max Sirena

Lenovo, the world’s largest PC company, has announced that it will be the ‘Official  Supplier’ to the team ‘Luna Rossa ’, who will challenge for the 35th America’s Cup being held in the US in the summer of 2017.  The ‘Luna Rossa’ team was founded in 1997 and is headed up by Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of the PRADA Group, one of the world leaders in the luxury industry.  The 2017 America’s Cup will be the fifth challenge of the team, equalling the historic record of Sir Thomas Lipton.

Lenovo technology will be heavily used by the Luna Rossa team – from the design and testing of the catamaran, sailing operations as well as wind and fluid dynamics and analysis.  All are key elements for a successful challenge.

Max Sirena, Skipper of Luna Rossa, commented:Sailing races have become a data and computing intensive endeavor both before and during the race, meaning the demands placed on the technology are becoming ever more significant.  Technology is key in our preparation, research and development and a significant part of what determines the success on the water.  With Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks, desktops and workstations at the heart of our challenge we know that we have the appropriate tools for a successful campaign.”

"We look forward to collaborating with the Luna Rossa engineering and sailing teams in the highly competitive environment of sailing races and The America’s Cup in particular" said Jan Huckfeldt, vice president and chief marketing officer of Lenovo EMEA. "Sailing races provide an exciting platform to build Lenovo awareness in key markets worldwide and to showcase our products and their reliability, as well as our design. This is a sport where cutting-edge technology is essential and where our company spirit and brand ethos of DO-ing is particularly pertinent.  We are honored to be working together with Luna Rossa Challenge and look forward to working with both its partners and the sport in building the Lenovo brand as well as the team’s racing success."

The Luna Rossa team will use Lenovo technology in every functional area.  Lenovo PCs, workstations, servers and storage will be used by designers for the whole process of research, modeling and construction of the catamaran as well as by engineers and analysts during the on-the-water phase of testing and development of the boat.  Before and during races designers and sailing coaches will monitor the performance of both boat and crew.  Also the Lenovo Yoga Tablet will be part of the sailors’ kits and used by engineers for the setup of on-board systems due to its ergonomic design, ease of use and long battery life. 

On June 12th at 12/noon CET the Luna Rossa Challenge team will be announced online at