The following article contains spoilers for Lethal Weapon.

The small screen reboot of action movie classic Lethal Weapon has been canceled after three seasons. The troubled series was widely expected to be axed owing to dwindling ratings, and more than its fair share of very publicly known on-set woes.

The series launched back in 2016 to unexpectedly steady ratings with appealing buddy chemistry from the next-gen Riggs (Clayne Crawford) and Murtagh (Damon Wayans). A second season was swiftly ordered, and then the cracks behind the scenes began to surface. Reports emerged of Clayne Crawford's bad behaviour on set, and in an episode that Crawford was directing, Wayans was injured with a stray piece of debris from a controlled explosion. The incident led to Waynas becoming vocal on Social Media about Crawford's behaviour towards himself and other members of the crew, in the end, Crawford was fired, and Riggs was killed off. I'm sure the original plan was for him to survive that gunshot wound, but Crawford's on-set behaviour forced the producers to make a drastic change.

At the time, it was believed that this would be the end of the show, the producers thought otherwise and cast Sean William Scott in a new role, and bagged another season. However, during the production of season three, Wayans revealed he would be quitting the show at the end of the year owing to the hectic work schedule and ongoing health issues. The producers responded by reducing Wayans' hours, and he agreed to stay on for the extra two episodes that Fox added to the season order. Wayans appeared open to the idea of a fourth season, and that seemed like the end of the production setbacks. Well, technically speaking that's true as no new episodes will be made.

Ultimately, all the production problems have played a part in Fox's decision to call it a day, but Lethal Weapon's ratings have been steadily dropping throughout season three, and it just didn't have the numbers to keep it going.