Liam Neeson is back in our cinemas as Bryan Miles, deploying those specific set of skills on some unsuspecting bad guys who frame him for a murder he didn’t commit. All the marketing for Taken 3 has been centred on this bringing the franchise to a close, speaking to Yahoo UK Neeson revealed that we might not have seen the last of Bryan Miles. 

"I don't think [the Taken franchise] can develop any more to satisfy audiences, but you never know. We'll see. We'll see how successful Taken 3 becomes.”

Neeson went on to offer the outline for a potential plot for Taken 4.

“I can't see there being a Taken 4 happening unless they take Bryan Mills and put him into something completely different, [a new] scenario with his buddies, you know his little covert group of military buddies."

Neeson was previously resistant to appearing in both Taken 2 and 3, when doing the publicity rounds for part two he was adamant that another sequel was off the table. He more or less said the same thing about Taken 2, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that Neeson is giving the producers ideas for a fourth entry. Taken 2 went and made $376 million worldwide and a slight tweak to the format won Neeson over to reprise the role for a third time, as long as Taken 3 matches that success then it’s safe to assume another sequel will be in the works. 

Taken 3 has been savaged by critics which you’d think would impair its box office potential, Taken is one franchise that has managed to be critic-proof so far and the new instalment looks set to continue that trend. 

Taken 3 is out now in cinemas everywhere.