The post-credits scene in the season finale of Loki revealed what had already been widely speculated, that the God of Mischief will return for the second season of adventures. Fans of the Marvel series can breathe a sigh of relief as episode six was left on a ruddy massive cliffhanger. We won't get into spoiler territory here, but needless to say, it has an unexpected impact on the future of the MCU. 

When Disney first announced that it would be populating its new streaming platform with Marvel-based TV shows, Kevin Feige was clear that most of them would be limited (one and done) series. WandaVision told its specific story, which would be difficult to carry forward to a second run, but not impossible. However, Feige said from the start that Loki was a different beast, and a second season was always a possibility. Now, to wear the hat of speculation once more, we may see Loki again (in some form) before the second season arrives on Disney+. There could be a flashback in Thor Love and Thunder, but with Spider-Man No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Loki Prime could show up in either of the movies delving into the multiverse. 

While I won't set into specifics, I admit to being disappointed with episode six for no other reason than Owen Wilson did not get to ride a jet ski. Clearly, the producers are saving Wilson's jet ski moment for a more suitably epic scene in season two. I'm sorry Disney, you can't tease us with Owen Wilson majestically gliding across the ocean on a jet ski, fulfilling a lifelong ambition of his character, and not deliver. A lack of Owen Wilson on a jet ski aside, Loki proved to be a big hit for Disney+, and the future of the MCU just became a little bit clearer. 

Loki is available to stream on Disney+ now, and Hawkeye is set to arrive later this year.