Who would have thought that manufactured pop from ten years ago could fall off the radar and return with such ferocity? Lucie Silvas who to be honest I was aware of back in 2004 but never paid any attention to, headed off to Nashville and returned to London for her first gig in 10 years. Have you ever wondered what happens when true talent breaks free from a controlling label and begins to discover the limits of not only themselves lyrically but themselves vocally? Well, it's time to discover the real Lucie Silvas.

In 2016 this songbird who always had it, rises from the ashes of her former pop life and spreads her wings to become a kick-ass country songbird whose infusion of Nashville bliss makes for a spell binding night out.

Having released her latest album on her own dime, this must be a truly daunting time for Lucie but when you're confronted with a voice that can stun an audience into keeping their mobile phones in the pockets then you're onto a winner. The PR must have been bricking it because YouTube videos of gigs like a Lucie Silvas concert is social media gold for an indie release but on this night, in this case, the audience respected the artist and took everything in, every riff, every lyric... they accepted that Lucie Silvas had come home and it was magical.

With a new album to plug, a new look and a new sound, there was a lot to cram into this set list. Not only because you're making a come back because the land, the people you left behind have been waiting patiently. In the packed venue, friends, fans and family waited for Lucie to hit the stage and hit it she did. Not only did she play one of my favourite songs of all time and knock it out of the park but she had me rushing for my DVD collection to pop on the film that brought "You Got It" into my life. Boys on The Side... wish I'd asked her if she'd seen it when I met her after the gig but I didn't so I'll never know.

Anyway, Lucie's vocals were outstanding and whilst introducing us to this new sound and album, she never forgot the songs that allowed her to progress her career, the songs that took her around the world and she wasn't going to let the audience leave without reminding them of the hits that brought us all to this point.

If anything, Lucie achieved what she set out to do and that's begin laying the path of a successful indie career that begins with her latest album "Letters To Ghosts" which features an array of moving tracks which will chill you out and get your foot tapping all at once. Can we have the live EP now please? The album while awesome does not convey the raw talent Lucie possesses... so much power in a small package!

Check her out today: http://luciesilvas.com/