The time when gamers flicked through magazines to find the latest cheat codes is long gone, the Game Genie was rubbed so hard that the cheating bastard escaped and now Machinima are stepping in to fill the void. Although I kind of wish this new idea involved the return of the games mistress... you remember her, right?

Anyway, Machinima are creating an app especially for the Launch of XBOX ONE on Novemeber 22nd that means no longer will you have to pull out your laptop or tablet to find that all important video when it comes to a boss that stands in your way... no Machinima have come up with an ingenius way to integrate themselves into the Xbox One gameplay and it's a fantastic idea. Check out the video and press release below.

Xbox is excited to announce that Machinima will launch a new app exclusively on Xbox One, in conjunction with the console’s release on November 22.

Machinima’s new app takes advantage of Xbox One’s exclusive “Snap” feature, giving gamers the ability to do two things at once, on the same screen. Simply say “Xbox, Snap Machinima” while playing a game and Machinima will launch on the right side of your TV screen.

One of the first things “Xbox, Snap Machinima” will do is offer curated videos from Machinima’s extensive library, based on the current game you’re playing. These videos will provide everything from game walk-throughs, game reviews, help videos and more. Additionally on offer is an enhanced Snap experience for select Xbox One titles called “Wingman”, that will provide richer, custom-created and exclusive videos to complement gameplay and offer everything from in-game help and tutorials to strategy videos.

Check out this video that highlights how “Xbox, Snap Machinima” will work on Xbox One featuring “Dead Rising 3”:

In addition to the Snap experiences, Machinima is also launching an Xbox One SmartGlass experience on November 22, giving users a second-screen companion which allows you to keep a game full-screen on the TV while you receive a sidekick Machinima experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Exciting updates and additions to the app will be announced in advance of launch on November 22.