Whilst promoting his latest film The Gambler, Mark Wahlberg hinted to MTV that he would be sticking around the Transformers franchise for some time to come.

“Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more… you know I can’t speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we’ll be on the set soon.”

Transformers Age Of Extinction was awful, I’m sorry to be so blunt but after four movies my love for this franchise has been worn down to the nub. Even a soft reboot and the inclusion of the highly likeable Mark Wahlberg couldn’t produce a better movie than the first one. Despite a mauling from critics all over the world, Transformers: Age Of Extinction barged its way into the $1 billion club. Paramount were quick to announce a fifth entry, but Michael Bay let it be known that he wasn’t planning on returning to direct.

Michael Bay said words to that effect after Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, so the likelihood that he is done with this licence to print money is doubtful. That said, appointing a new director could be a good thing for the franchise as us Transformers fans live in hope of a good movie. The original 80s animated film remains the best big screen incarnation for the Transformers, but credit where credit is due Bay’s first attempt was pretty good.

Paramount tentatively set a 2016 release date, but if they are still planning to get the next one out that soon then they’d better get started. Mark Wahlberg is currently working on his very first sequel with Ted 2, the further adventures of a man-child and his talking bear are scheduled for release June 26. If Paramount wants to get Transformers 5 into cinemas by 2016, we can expect some announcements on Bay's involvement early in the new year.