In the Hulu Upfront Presentation held at Madison Square Garden Theatre, it was announced that HULU will bring on Original series, imbibe Innovative Marketing and advertising tools to attract more viewers. As of now, HULU boasts of 47 Million unique users. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins, Head of Content Craig Erwich and SVP of Advertising sales Peter Naylor revealed that HULU will make use of newest and advanced technology to be able to deliver an engaging and valuable experience to the viewers.

The announcement included.

The Handmaids Tale Season 2 (Original Series)

Since the premiere, in one week the response to The Handmaids Tale was overwhelming. In fact, the premiere of the same was viewed most by Hulu viewers than any other series premiere. The world of Gilead and Margaret has been getting a huge response. To have a stronghold to Original series, HULU decided to come with the second season of the Handmaids tale starting in 2018.

The story of The Handmaids Tale belongs to daunting lives in Gilead. The series is produced by the production company MGM and is written and created for Television by Bruce Miller.

Two new original Series: - The First & Marvel's Runaway

HULU added two new series in its category of Original programming. HULU has joined hands with Marvel television to form Marvel's Runaway. The favorite comic book characters of Marvel will get new life on HULU by Gossip Girl and The O.C team. The Co-writers and Executive producers of the show will be Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz with Jim Chory and Jeph Loeb of Marvel.

Marvel Runaways talks about 6 different teenagers who cannot stand each other. But they unite to fight against their common enemy who are their parents. The classic Marvel will now look upon the younger generation in the Universe following up with new action and drama on HULU.

Apart from Marvel's Runaway, the another series announced was The First which is about the very first human reaching the Mars. The First series is written and formed by award winning Beau William.

The First is a story about a human who wants to explore unknown horizons and reach there. How his mission and vision lead to the emotional, psychological and Dangerous side of life and how a bunch of ordinary people works against all the obstacles to reach the extraordinary is shown. The series will start in 2018 and the Westward productions will produce the series.

The FX series Atlanta to be stream on HULU

Hulu also announced that award-winning comedy series Atlanta would also be exclusively streamed on HULU. Atlanta took 2 Golden Globe awards and have completed its first season. The entire First season would be available to be watched on HULU. The next season will kick-start in 2018 by FX and subsequently, all the seasons would be available to watch on HULU.

Atlanta is a story about Two Cousins who are working at Atlanta Music Scene to lead a better life for themselves as well as their families. The main characters are played by Donald Glover, Paul Simms, and Dianne Mcgunigle.

Hulu Original The Looming Tower will have Alec Baldwin in Guest role

Award-winning actor Alex Baldwin is said to be featuring in The Looming Tower as George Tenet playing The Director of CIA. The series marks the stage for tragedy US faced with 9/11 attacks, threats faced by Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda and The war that took place in Iraq. It would be a television adaption from Lawrence Wright's 9/11 Expose distributed by Legendary television.

Live TV announced by HULU

At the upfront, Presentation CEO Mike even announced the Live TV beta service. Those who would be subscribing for Live TV will be able to enjoy more than 50 News, sports, Kids, entertainment channel along with Hulu's Premium content in $39.99/month. Hulu is also in talks with Travel and Food Channel and HGTV for Live TV service to users.

Hulu has always strived to redefine the Television viewing experience. No matter where you are or what you want to watch, you will get all under one platform and that is HULU.