Musicals don't really do it for me. I find them too sugary, and all that singing reminds me of the plays we were forced to produce as kids. Maybe, I have some psychological aversion to musicals. My problems aside, there is something new and exciting in the musical world. Matilda, a musical based on a Ralph Dahl book of the same name, is charming audiences big and small. It has been performed since 2010, but somehow people are actually talking about it this year. The production, which opens in Toronto is something of a wonder and is charming people all over again.

There are four girls in the role of Matilda and all in all the cast is one talented bunch.  The creative minds behind the show have created the musical that gets us to question authority and not to sit down and be quite. Tim Minchin, the comedian / musician / my crush has written the music and given us some fantastic lyrics around revolution, and  I think these ideas are important, especially in the lights of recent events. This production, which opened in early July has been met with great acclaim and while the play has won many awards people seem to be excited about it this time. It is the 6th production of the play and Toronto appears to be embracing it with open arms. The songs are both catchy but also meaningful and all in all, I think this sounds like a show for the whole family

So, if you are in Toronto, it may be worth taking in a musical with a lot of heart and some really good tunes then go and get yourself some tickets to Matilda. And if you see Tim Minchin, by any chance of fate, please profess my love for him. Thank you.