According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Reeves' long-gestating Batman solo movie will be looking for a new actor to don the cowl as Ben Affleck's incarnation of The Dark Knight won't be returning.

Warner Bros has yet to make an official statement, but THR claims that Reeves' movie will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne and not the battle-hardened version Affleck portrayed in Batman v Superman and Justice League. Arguably, Affleck's take on the character was one of the best things about BvS, that might not be saying much, but his borderline psychotic Batman was unlike anything we've seen before.

2017 was a mixed year for the DCEU; Wonder Woman scored a massive hit and glowing reviews, and for the briefest of moments it gave fans hope that Justice League could be awesome, or at the very least not awful. Despite a few bright spots, Justice League emerged as the cinematic equivalent of Frankenstein's monster. Made from stitched together bits and pieces, it didn't know why it existed and seemed to rebel against its creator(s). On the upside, at least Henry Cavill got to smile and be a slightly more lighthearted Superman after being a super-grump in his previous two appearances.

Part of the reason for Reeves' The Batman changing direction is the ongoing behind the scenes reshuffling at Warner Bros with their DC movies. Geoff Johns recently stepped down from his duties as President of DC Entertainment; his replacement has already been appointed with New Line producer Walter Hamada assuming the role.

Aside from the in post-production Aquaman, the recently wrapped Shazam! and the currently filming Wonder Woman 1984, the rest of the DCEU is up in the air. There are (currently) at least three Joker projects in development (including a standalone story possibly starring Joaquin Pheonix), A Harley Quin solo movie, Gotham City Sirens, Flashpoint is in limbo, and Justice League 2 is a puzzle that would stump The Riddler. 

Wisely, Hamada won't be putting a writers room together to forge the future of the DCEU. Universal's Dark Universe and Paramount's Transformers writers rooms may have assembled a-list creative minds, but their respective efforts didn't lead to much in the way of coherent storytelling. I may well eat a slice of humble pie on the Transformers front as the recent Bumblebee trailer did show a spark of promise. As long as Warner Bros continues to make smart choices with their filmmakers like Patty Jenkins and James Wan, then the future of the DCEU could be neon bright.