Paramount are moving forward with their sequel to the surprise box office hit Daddy's Home, and are in advanced talks with Mel Gibson and John Lithgow to join the cast.

The first movie starred Will Ferrell as a mild-mannered step dad who ends up in a battle of wills with his stepchildren's biological father (Mark Wahlberg). While not fully replicating the silliness that made The Others Guys so good, the second pairing of Ferrell and Wahlberg was a monster hit with more than $240 million taken worldwide.

There's no specifics about who Gibson and Lithgow will be playing in the sequel, but an educated guess would be the two screen veterans will feature as Ferrell and Wahlberg's respective male parental units. Naturally, the two older dads don't get along and all manner of one-upmanship getting wildly out of hand.

Thanks to the success of his latest directorial effort Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson is finally getting his career back on track with his wartime drama receiving six Academy-Award nominations. It remains to be seen if Gibson can repair his on-screen career as he hasn't had a bonafide hit since Signs back in 2002.

As history has shown us, comedy sequels are notoriously difficult to get right with the likes of The Hangover, Horrible Bosses, and Bad Neighbours all serving up half-baked rehashes of their superior originals. That's not to say Hollywood is incapable of making a worthy comedy sequel, 22 Jump Street, Anchorman 2, Hot Shots Part Deux, and Christmas Vacation all managed to be as good as their predecessors. 

Once again directed by Sean Anders, Daddy's Home 2 is due for release in US cinemas on November 10.