We've recieved reports from a YouTube user, BugEyes126, who wanted us to share this news with the world:

Men In Black Suits – secret agents tied to a clandestine global network of extraterrestiral management and cover-up – are a real phenomenon, and one independent voice on the web is on a mission to prove their existence and aid in their quest. He goes by the name of BugEyes126, and he’s a young rogue dedicated to aiding the Men In Black Suits in their cause and exposing the truth behind aliens living just beneath the surface of our everyday world and perceived reality.

Calling upon his Facebook Fans and Blog readers to help uncover the secret, the latest discovery on his trail is the location of a Pink Cake – a special desert at Bakin Robbins – that may hold the key to the alien rendezvous between his pursuit and the Men In Black Suits he seeks to reach. 

This video is the most recent of his findings.

If you want to catch up with, and follow him along on this intriguing (though admittedly unsettling) journey, and see what he uncovers, you can follow him on his blog or check out his youtube channel

What is this all leading up to? Well, we're not quite sure ourselves. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.