Mirror, Mirror is an excellent film that empowers minorities and the lead heroine, Snow White (played by Lily Collins). The costumes were elegant especially in terms of conceptualizing Snow White’s make-up and hairstyle as modeled after Audrey Hepburn for this film. At first I went into the film wondering why they would choose to give her such heavy makeup (the eyebrows were quite thick for a modern film), till I realized that they were conceptualizing her to look and act as dignified, intelligent and empowered as Audrey Hepburn in the movie Funny Face. Snow White is portrayed as intelligent, witty and good at quick thinking. The prince on the other hand is portrayed as a complementary character and good at providing slapstick humor.

Lily Collins portrays Snow White as beautiful not because of her face but because of her kindness and friendships with the dwarves. Props goes to the director for casting the dwarves as visible minorities making the Queen evil because she ostracizes those that are different from the citizens of her kingdom. This teaches younger audiences the importance of acceptance of one another and the learning to see people for what they can do rather than what they look like. But more importantly the costume designer for the dwarves mechanical prowess and fight scenes were fun and interesting to watch. Also the usage of the term ‘giant dwarves’ is an excellent oxymoron utilized by the prince in his actually adequate description of his attackers due to the dwarve’s mechanical genius as bandits with steampunk stilts. Also I must go on to applaud the beauty and majesty of the costume designs of Mirror, Mirror. I simply fell in love with the fabric choices the late costume designer Eiko Ishioka chose for the updating of all the wardrobes of the fairytale cast. I feel that the beauty of the film will be remembered by me for many years to come. The movie also opened strong with CGI and beautiful stop frame animation. Finally, the movie ended with a surprising choice of soundtrack.

Somehow this thing warmed my cold cold heart- that usually prefers watching action movies over romances. I make this a rare exception.

It’s hard for me to score this in a numerical system when I usually watch a movie looking for something to excite my visual senses- and this movie unexpectedly caught me and allowed me to laugh and enjoy a fairy tale once more with a happy ending indeed.