Mission Impossible Fallout claimed the top spot at the US box office over the weekend with a franchise-best $61.2 million. There aren't many twenty plus-year-old franchises that are still going today with the original lead, even fewer that genuinely get better with each instalment.

The sixth entry in the action film series starring Tom Cruise has been enjoying plenty of critical praise, and audiences agree that Fallout is an action movie masterclass. The previous franchise launch high was 2000's M:I 2 with $57.8 million with 2015's Rogue Nation coming pretty close at $55.5 million. While last summer's Cruise led The Mummy tanked domestically, it was the international box office that saved some (but not much) face. The international box office has always been a friend to Cruise, and the Mission franchise has grown substantially over the last two sequels. Fallout is no exception with more than $94 million taken over the weekend setting another box office record for the franchise.

Aside from The Teen Titans movie and Skyscraper, the rest of the US top ten was dominated by sequels. The Teen Titans Go To The Movies came in fifth place with $10.4 million for its debut weekend, and the critically mauled Skyscraper dropped to number nine for a current US total of $60 million. On the upside, the Dwayne Johnson led action flick has generated almost $200 internationally with nearly a quarter of that coming from China.

After battling it out with The Equalizer 2 last weekend, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again held onto second place and added $15 million to its domestic run. The rest of the world has also fallen head over heels for the cheesy charms of the sequel with almost $100 million for a current global total of $170 million. Denzel Washington's first sequel, Equalizer 2, dropped to third place with $14 million generated from its second weekend. The hard-edged sequel arrives in the UK on August 14.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation continues to outperform its predecessor (slightly), the Adam Sandler led animated comedy is nearing the $300 million worldwide mark against a modest budget of $80 million. As long as HT3 stays on course, I wouldn't be at all surprised when a fourth instalment gets announced. Disney's The Incredibles 2 is mere dollars away from hitting $1 billion worldwide, and their Ant-Man and The Wasp has officially surpassed the final domestic total of the first movie. The highly anticipated follow-up finally lands in the UK on August 3.