After months of delays, Disney finally decided to release it's live-action Mulan remake in selected cinemas (where possible), and on its streaming service, Disney+. However, there was a catch as it would cost you £19.99 ($29.99) to rent the movie via Disney+. Naturally, this has been a divisive move despite Disney's assurances that the Mulan release is a complete 'one-off.'

For those who were unhappy to part with extra money to see Mulan now, the good news is you won't have to wait long as the film will be available to all Disney+ members for no extra cost in December. The pandemic has forced every movie studio to rethink how it releases existing completed projects and gets back to some form of normality with filming. However, The Batman was recently dealt a setback after just three days into production resuming with Robert Pattinson testing positive for COVID-19. 

It is difficult to understand why Disney opted to release Mulan, a sweeping gloriously shot epic, predominately on VOD, and New Mutants, a movie that has taken more than three years to arrive, in cinemas. On the surface, the answer might appear obvious; New Mutants carries less risk of losing money. Perhaps I should rephrase that, as putting a movie out in cinemas costs a lot of money, and New Mutants has spent three years in post-production. That said, New Mutants cost around a third of Mulan, so it's less of a gamble in these uncertain times. Directed by Niki Caro, Mulan is (in my opinion) the first live-action remake that Disney has made that surpasses its animated predecessor. Stunningly shot with epically staged battle sequences, Mulan is a film that has an abundance of reasons to be released in cinemas as it deserves to be seen on the big screen. 

While Tenet's release is far from conventional, it has shown that audiences can be tempted back with the right movie where it's safe for cinemas to reopen. We can only hope that Mulan is not forgotten when Awards season comes around.

Mulan is available to rent on Diney+ now.