In light of the release of Muppets Most Wanted, BoxOfficeBuz was invited to a conference held by the diva of diva's herself. Ms. Piggy. To say it is a surreal experience to hold conversation with a puppet is an understatement in this case. It is one thing to see the Muppets on TV or on screen and buy into their characters. It is quite something else to be in a room full of people, see the felt puppet, and for everyone to fall into and maintain the group illusion. Perhaps this is why the Muppets have been so historically successful. It isn't just the case that you enjoy these fictional characters on screen, the fact that the characters give live interviews sets them apart from any other like entertainment. Jeff Dunham will be interviewed, but Peanut won't. Andy Serkis will be interviewed, not Gollum. For everything else we keep the suspension of disbelief on screen whereas the Muppets cross that boundary and it makes for a wonderful experience.

Right, that's my ramble, onto the actual press conference. Below are many of the questions and Ms. Piggy's answers to them.

Q. - Ms. Piggy, you've been involved with so many different platforms of entertainment from television and film to Broadway. Tell us about that sort of experience.

Ms. Piggy - Well, it's wonderful to have been able to do so much. The years doing a nightly show were wonderful, being able to deliver something like that to the doorstep of millions. Much like Amazon. A sort of Amazon, before Amazon. But I like doing these movies more. Far less work. I do my takes and then it goes out and you go. So much easier.

Q. - Well, you shot on location. You were actually in London for this film, how did you like it there?

Ms. Piggy - Two things I like about London; the weather and the food. I spent a long time in London working on this project. Mostly in my trailer. I like to work as little as possible when I'm working. But I did go out, saw the Crown Jewels. Daily. Waved at them. Hello my babies. I'll be back for you. I'm going to be wearing you some day.

Q. - There are a fantastic amount of major actors in this film. Ricky Gervais is in the film, Tina Fey and others. Were you ever at a moment where you were just sort of star struck?

Ms. Piggy - I wasn't star struck, they were the ones who were star struck. They got start struck. If they got between me and the camera they might have gotten struck by a star. Or between me and someone else. That Tina Fey... she, she needed to be taken in a bit.

Q. - You recently had a feud with Joan Rivers, was that real? If so, is it still going?

Ms. Piggy - Oh that. No, that's over. She and I, we kissed and made up, the feud is over. The issue was that she and I were to be part of a product line, and THAT was fake. Yes, that entire, product thing was totally fake. But yes the feud was real.

Q. - You have sung alongside many legends in the music industry. Given the choice of anyone for any song, who would you sing what with?

Ms. Piggy - Well Judy Garland and I were good friends and had this song about a rainbow. You know, like Kermy's song. I think that's what it would be. Judy Garland, Kermy and Moi singing Rainbow Connection.

Q. - How do you feel about being a gay icon?

Ms. Piggy - Well I'm happy to be, but I've never tried to be. I've always been about waving my own flag and if you are inspired by that, well that's good. I'm happy to be an icon, I'll be just about anyone's icon.

Q. - Would you consider taking part in the Pride Parade?

Ms. Piggy - Honey, I don't march. (room erupts in laughter) I wear heels. I don't work.

Q. - Who would play you in a biopic?

Ms. Piggy - Well me, of course.

Q. - I mean if you aren't available.

Ms. Piggy - Umm, Beyonce. Yes, if I can't be there, I want Beyonce.

Q. - You have been, for a generation, a major symbol for feminism and in this film you star opposite another major feminist, for another generation, Tina Fey. In what way do you find your messages differ despite the similarity of the subject matter?

Ms. Piggy - Wow. Umm. Good question. As I said before, I've never really thought of myself as anyone's icon. I just wave my own flag and if other people like to follow that or are inspired that's good. I'll be anyone's icon. Always happy to be an icon.

Q. - What's the story between you and number 2?

Ms. Piggy - I'm not sure what you mean.

Q. - Ricky Gervais.

Ms. Piggy - I don't know what you're talking about. Like, do I have him locked in the trunk of my car? No, he's still a free man.

And with that our time was up. Many laughs had by all. Don't forget to check out Muppets Most Wanted in theatres on March 21st.