Producer Jeremy Coon has picked up the rights to the book Raiders!, which tells the real life story of two friends from Mississippi who embarked on a quest to film a shot by shot remake of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

The two young filmmakers, Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos began their homemade epic when they were both aged 11 in 1981 and completed the film over the course of seven consecutive summers. Jeremy Coon was surprised to actually see the finished films as he believed it was “an urban myth”;   

“I thought the movie was an urban myth but when I saw it, from a filmmaker perspective it was more inspiring than any movie I’d ever seen. These kids had done something ridiculous and impossible and the last time I had the experience of a movie being made because it was sheer fun was when I’d seen Kill Bill. I went in feeling cynical but there was no cynicism in these kids. They did the movie because they loved it. It had its premiere and then sat on a shelf.”

I think it goes without say that both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg will need to give the movie their official (and legal binding) approval, thankfully Spielberg has already expressed to both Zala and Strompolos that he enjoyed their fan-made film so that’s a step in the right direction. 

Before the narrative version makes it to the big screen, Jeremy Coon plans of directing a documentary which will take a retrospective look at the seven years Zala and Strompolos spent making it. Harrison Ford recently stated he would do another Indiana Jones movie “in a New York minute”, although it remains to be seen if a fifth adventure is actively being pursued by Spielberg as it is currently listed as ‘delayed’ on IMDB.

You can check out a trailer below that for the original making of Raiders!