Turns out, Steph Curry is not only breaking ankles this season in the NBA, he’s also breaking NBA 2K16 to the point where it can’t even properly translate his dominance. The NBA’s 2015 MVP and merciless three-point gunner of the Golden State Warriors has raised his game to another level that NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang was left searching for ways to replicate it in the video game.

Sure, they can just simply pump video game Steph Curry’s three-point shooting parameter to the maximum. But when he’s doing stuff like this, it’s almost unfair for video game developers to replicate such insanity. That’s a game-winning shot from 32 feet out, by the way. And Curry shot it like a first quarter free throw. Go figure.

Maybe they should consider changing the shooting parameters according to specific distances. In that case, they should add a ‘From the Parking Lot’ shooting parameter, set to maximum for Curry, of course.

Wang has stated that scoring near the basket and from beyond the arc are the toughest to balance in the game. So, Curry’s three-point shooting prowess this season has undoubtedly made that even more difficult. Seriously, just check out Curry’s warm-up shooting routine. Don’t forget to close your mouth right after.

Curry is so good this season that when ESPN asked 2K sports to run a simulation on him, the real-life version boasted better stats than his video game counterpart. 2K Curry had a 28.5 scoring average, with 23 30-point games and 293 three-point field goals made. While the real-life Curry, based on his current pace for the season, would have a 29.8 scoring average, with 36 30-point games, 388 three-point field goals made, and a sack-full of helpless looks from opposing defenders.

Okay, that last one was made up. But the point is: Curry’s current out-of-this-world game is not only rendering fans speechless but video game technology, too.