After years of coming to the brink of cancellation NBC has decided to close the doors to Greendale and Community is no more. The recently finished fifth season might have returned series creator Dan Harmon to showrunner duties, but this did little to improve ratings even if the quality was way up from the previous year. As any true fan would tell you, Community was at its best over its first three years and season four just wasn’t up to scratch. 

Earlier this year Dan Harmon seemed in good spirits about the chances of a sixth season stating; “The only thing weirder … would be not getting a sixth season". Ordinarily I would take the news of the demise of the Greendale Study Group quite badly, but in this modern world of viable online platforms this needn’t be the end.

Community is the perfect type of show for Netflix or Amazon to take under their respective wing if other TV networks aren’t interested. Netflix successfully revived Arrested Development and in many ways Community shares the the same kind of loyal following. Amazon have made a solid start with producing original content such as Alpha House and their current crop of pilots, a show like Community would be a major coup for their Prime service and their recently released Fire TV set top box. As audience size is measured in a very different way on VOD sites the prepackaged fanbase for Community is already large enough for this to be a real possibility.