While SMASH Season 2 comes to a close on NBC in the US, evil executives plotted to announce the news that the series had been CANCELLED in the dead of night whilst its fans were asleep, blissfully awaiting the next episode of the show.

The series that charted the rivalry of the girl next door and the girl from the Broadway ensemble as they fought for their dream role entertained fans around the world during its first series. SMASH wasn't just a show about two girls vying for one role it was about the process that Broadway shows go through in order to reach the stage. The writing process, the casting process the creation of the songs that would lift you up and bring you to tears. The songs that would tell a story and the two women who would bring them to life.

A mixture between original music and popular music, SMASH hit every nail on the head and kept smacking until it had the audience wanting more. Katherine McPhee who played country bumpkin Karen Cartwright and Megan Hilty who played the luscious Ivy Lynn were perfect for their roles and their vocal styling meant that the Broadway scores created within (both old school and modern) flourished and came to life.

Now the stars of SMASH find themselves without a home and Angelica Houston, Jack Davenport, Debra Messing, Christian Borle and Bernadette Peters will have to get on the phone to their agents ASAP.

Katherine McPhee & Megan Hilty - That's Life

This is really a sad time for TV as SMASH had so much to offer audiences in drama and style but NBC just didn't know how to market this show or where to place it in the schedules. With mistakes made and one of the most irritating characters on TV this season (JIMMY!!!) the show stumbled and faltered throughout thanks to bad writing choices and that was the nail in the coffin.

What will SMASH leave us with? An unbelievable score and set of songs from Bombshell and an okay set of songs from the modern show they call HIT LIST. Two fictional shows that had every right to be reality!

Songs like "Hang The Moon", "Don't Forget Me", "Let Me Be Your Star" and "20th Century Fox Mambo" will be remembered and listened to by fans around the globe. NBC have truly made a mistake on this one and hopefully if the fans are motivated enough they might just squeeze one more season out of the show. If the Facebook page is anything to go by, NBC are in for a rocky ride!

One thing is for certain.... WE WON'T FORGET YOU!!

Megan Hilty - Don't Forget Me (SMASH Season 2 Episode 12)