The 2010 remake starring Benicio Del Torro and Emily Blunt might have been a bit rough around the edges but it was howlingly good fun (I promise that’s the end of the werewolf puns). Sadly the ongoing production problems lead to a gloriously uneven movie and a poor performance at the box office.

NBC are currently in the early stages of adapting The Wolfman into a TV series alongside one the producers of the 2010 movie Scott Stuber and Dracula co-creator Daniel Knauf. Just like the original 1941 film and the remake we’ll follow Lawrence Talbot as he comes to terms with the ancient curse that has plagued his family. The Wolfman is a classic monster movie character which deserves another crack at an update, television is the natural place to explore this in more depth.

Those of you with refined or dare I say distinguished taste in TV drama will remember Knauf’s underrated series Carnivale. My humble words can’t do that show justice but in its short two season life Carnivale set a new benchmark in quality and ambition for HBO, sadly it didn’t find a big enough audience to be kept on the air but found a loyal fan-base after its cancellation. Knauf and his writers created a rich world etched in mythology and his talents for character driven stories would suit The Wolfman perfectly.