Both Daniel Craig and writer/director Rian Johnson have been clear they want to make a sequel to their hit murder mystery, Knives Out, so it's hardly a surprise to hear that a follow-up is officially happening. However, in an unexpected move, Netflix has closed a deal worth a landmark $400 million for two sequels, which will see Craig's sleuth Benoit Blanc embark on new mysteries to solve.

Knives Out was the perfect blend of sharp humour, excellent casting throughout, and a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie herself. Craig shined as Blanc, having been somewhat on autopilot in the last couple of Bond movies, seeing him cut loose to have some fun. He hasn't been that enjoyable since Logan Lucky. Perhaps most notably, Knives Out was one of the final performances from the legendary Christopher Plummer. Not that we needed another reminder of Plummer's indomitable talent, he gave us a masterclass.

Costing a thrifty $40 million to produce, Knives Out went on to gross more than $310 million worldwide, with a sequel announced shortly after. However, Johnson and his producing partner (Ram Bergman) own the rights, and while Lionsgate distributed the first film, the creative duo was free to make a new deal for potential follow-ups. According to Deadline, Apple and Amazon were in the running as well, but Netflix made the best overall offer. 

Knives Out only came to pass as Danny Boyle dropped out of directing Bond, leaving Craig with some free time while new director Cary Joji Fukunaga got up to speed. I could easily see Craig playing Benoit Blanc for the next 20 years, and I'm sure Netflix is thinking the same thing. Production on the as-yet-untitled sequel is due to start in June, with casting already underway. On that note, Johnson has set himself a challenging task as he has set the bar incredibly high with the first film. As filming is starting soon, we should hear some announcements about who will be joining the cast of suspects.