When Netflix announced that The Punisher (aka Frank Castle) was joining the cast of the second season of Daredevil, rumours of a spin-off series were doing the rounds. Now, TVLine is reporting that Netflix is in the early stages of developing a Punisher series to add to their roll call of Marvel superhero offerings.

Former Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal steps into the unsettled shoes of Frank Castle for the definitive take on the complex character. Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Bernthal to talk about the sought after role;

“As a man who put his on the line and really went through the ultimate sacrifice for this country in his involvement in the military. He’s a guy who brought the war home with him [in] the worst possible way. There are a lot of iterations of this character and in all of them it’s a man who’s gone through this unbelievable trauma and what’s interesting about our take on him is how this trauma reshapes his own philosophy.”

Jon Bernthal is the fourth actor to play the vigilante on screen, the previous attempts to launch a Punisher movie franchise have varied wildly with Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson each taking a crack at the role. Ever since the MCU opened its doors with Iron Man, comic book fans were left wondering when they would see new versions of some of Marvel’s more grown up characters. While this question was left unanswered for seven years, Netflix came to rescue when they struck a deal with Marvel to produce four TV shows and an Avengers-style team-up with The Defenders. It remains unclear if The Punisher series will require Netflix and Marvel to renegotiate their deal, but a Punisher spin-off would have likely been part of the arrangement when the character was added to Daredevil. 

Daredevil season two will be available for streaming on March 18.