If you know anything about anime or nothing at all , the name Death Note is legendary. The famous manga turned anime will now make its way onto our screens. Netflix is said to have picked up the anime after Warner Brothers dropped the title because they want to concentrate on their Lego and DC titles.

Netflix apparently bought the rights from Warner Brothers for $40-55 million and production will start in June 2016. Death Note follows the story of Light Yagami who finds a Death Note , a book owned by a demon Ryuk. By writing a person's name into the book , you basically sign their death certificate and the unsuspecting person dies. The original manga was 13 volumes long, written by Tsugumi Ohaba and had Takeshi Obata as the illustrator.

Adam Wingard, best known for his horror movies such as 2014's The Guest , will take on the project . While the full cast has not been released yet, there are some names that have been tied to the project . Nat Wolff ( Paper Towers) and Margaret Qualley ( The Leftovers) are two actors who are apparently secured to act in Death Note. As this is breaking news, there is not a lot more regarding the film yet. Death Note will be rated R and will be released straight onto Netflix . No release date has been given .

So, in celebration of Death Note, I think I am going to make myself a cup of tea and watch a few episodes. If you are a long time fan or someone looking for an anime with grit and gore than Death Note is he show for you .