If the first season of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet left you hungry for more, then prepare yourself for some tasty news. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant will be back for a second serving of the acclaimed horror-comedy series. 
The first season introduced us to Barrymore and Olyphant as married real estate agents Sheila and Joel Hammond. Their suburban life in sunny California takes an unexpectedly dark turn when Sheila transforms into a zombie. While she might have a hankering for human flesh, Sheila embraces the situation that has given her a new lease on life despite the strain it puts on her family's wellbeing. Like the old saying (and this show's tagline) goes, the family that slays together stays together.  

Created by Victor Fresco, Santa Clarita Diet's quirkiness felt like a breath of fresh air and marked the first on-screen TV venture for Drew Barrymore. Mixing shocking gore with dark humour proved to be a winning recipe, even if its ad campaign that featured a diced finger turned a few stomachs. Not everybody shares my enthusiasm for this show, but if you're willing to just go with its crazy premise, there's much fun to be had.

There's currently no fixed release date for season two, but production on the new ten-episode run is set to start over the summer. Typically, Netflix releases new episodes of returning shows around the same time each year, so we should expect Santa Clarita Diet to return February 2018.

All first season episodes are available to stream on Netflix now.