Netflix is keeping nostalgia for the 80s and 90s pop culture alive with the news that The Movies That Made Us has been picked up for a second season. A spin-off from the hugely popular The Toys That Made Us, the film based offshoot follows the same format only detailing the challenges in making some of the most beloved movies of a generation.

The Movies That Made Us debuted on Netflix back in November, taking a look behind the making of Dirty Dancing, Home Alone, Ghostbusters, and Die Hard. Much like the Toys That Made Us, Movies has a potentially never-ending supply of 80s/90s films to revisit, so the question becomes which beloved classics could be next? Goonies, The Lost Boys, Beverly Hills Cop, Terminator 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Top Gun, Back To The Future, and that's just the ones I can comfortably allow in a sentence. Turner & Hooch, Big, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Aliens, alright I'm done. The point being there is no shortage of movies to pick from, especially when there are only four episodes a season.

Packing a wealth of wit, wisdom, and insightful interviews, the first season of Movies was as well-received as it's toys based predecessor. It remains unclear when both The Toys & The Movies That Made Us will be back, but late this year seems like a reasonable place to start. 

Here's what Netflix and production company The Nacelle Company said in a shared statement about the renewal. 

"Netflix and The Nacelle Company want to thank you for being a friend of The Movies That Made Us/ The Toys That Made Us and for covering the shows in the past. We’re reaching out today to share the exciting news that our docuseries, The Movies That Made Us has been greenlit for a second season! We’ve announced on our social media and wanted to share the good news with you!"  

The Toys That Made Us Seasons 1-3 and The Movies That Made Us Season 1 are now streaming on Netflix.