Netflix has finally set a global release date for Mike Flanagan's eagerly awaited second chapter in The Haunting anthology series. Following the success of The Haunting of Hill House, the new series takes on a new location, and fresh characters, The Haunting of Bly Manor promises to be a treat for fans of Flanagan's brand of elegantly crafted horror. Much like its predecessor, Bly Manor will arrive on Netflix in time for Halloween with its release date confirmed as October 9.

Set in 1980s England, the titular manor is home to the Wingrave family, or rather what's left of them after a terrible accident years ago left young Miles and his sister, Flora, orphans. The sudden death of their nanny causes their uncle Henry to hire a new American au pair to look after them, but the secrets of Bly Manor can't stay buried, and a dark presence begins to consume the those who dwell within its walls. The first teaser for the series recently arrived, and aside from the atmospherically chilling tone, it once again confirms that all dolls are inherently creepy. 

Unlike Hill House which saw Flannagan direct all ten episodes, Bly Manor is a more collaborative affair with Flanagan (reportedly) only directing the first episode. The remaining instalments were helmed by Yolanda Ramke & Ben Howling, Ciarán Foy, Liam Gavin and Axelle Carolyn respectively.

Featuring Hill House cast members Victoria Pedretti, Henry Thomas, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Kate Siegel, Bly Manor is bound to be one of the most-watched new shows this Halloween. Meanwhile, Mike Flanagan is staying in business with Netflix as he started filming on his new series, Midnight Mass, for the streaming giant last month. The passion project of Flanagan's is set on "an isolated island community that experiences miraculous events — and frightening omens — after the arrival of a charismatic, mysterious young priest." The seven-episode series will land on Netflix sometime next year, perhaps just in time for Halloween.