Netflix are looking to sweeten their streaming offer by adding bonus content for their original programming. Tom Yellin (Vice president of product innovation) has revealed that Netflix will trial extra features in the very near future; 

"The core of the experience is watching the story that the directors and writers contended, and that's like 99% of what it is. But supplemental content, whether that's extra features or so forth, we're going to test that around our own originals."

Should the trial prove a success then additional bonus features for other shows could become a standard for the streaming service;

"We'll experiment around our originals, and if that goes well, then we'll go back to our partners that we license a ton of content from, and I can see possibly doing some extra or supplemental content around that."

In the last 12 months Netflix have produced hit dramas House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, dabbled with the supernatural with Hemlock Grove and revived Arrested Development. Netflix UK has recently started adding Breaking Bad’s companion series Talking Bad which sees Chris Hardwick interview cast and crew from the recently concluded AMC series. 

This is a big deal for streaming sites overall as now service currently offers any special features, as a bonafide geek I tend to buy the DVDs (or Blu Rays) for the extra content as I’m one of ‘those’ people who actual watch them. Getting a look behind the scenes or seeing what ended up on the cutting room floor offers a more immersive experience that any self respecting fan would want to see. Sadly my bonus content ethos is not shared by everybody, but Netflix is staying one-step ahead of the competition by trialling this for selected TV shows.

Looking at the long term potential, bonus features for movies could be next of Netflix’ list but we’ll have to see how successful the additional content is received by its subscribers.