Last year the CW announced that they were planing a spinoff series to their long running cult hit, Supernatural. According to TVLine the series will be called Supernatural: Tribes and will be set in Chicago focusing on a young hunter named Ennis Roth.

Tribes will also feature a burnt out cop with a dark secret and a shape-shifting brother/sister combo backing Roth up, the new team will square off against the Durant siblings who will be the main antagonists of the spinoff. 

Ennis Roth will be introduced in episode 20 of the current season and will effectively serve as a backdoor pilot by setting up the story and some of the key characters. You’d think after amassing a loyal cult following and almost nine years on TV, the idea of a spinoff would have cropped up a few years ago. There were rumours of a Ghostfacers series at one point but that regrettably turned out to be nothing more than the stuff of fanboy dreams.

There’s no escaping that Supernatural lost a bit of momentum when series creator Eric Kripke stepped down as showrunner after season 5. Following a couple of shaky years the eighth season found that spark again and got back to what its followers love about these characters and the world they live in. Some fans have speculated that the spinoff will eventually take the place of the parent series, if that is the case then those plans are a long way off as Supernatural is expected to return for a tenth season and could well go beyond that if CW President Mark Pedowitz has his way, last month he stated

“As a fan of the show, who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those numbers hold, God bless them. They can go as long as they want.”

Both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles still appear to enjoy making the show and Ackles made his directorial debut with the 2010 episode Weekend At Bobby’s, he’s gone on to direct two more episodes so there’s every reason for them to continue in their signature roles.

Supernatural: Tribes is expected to air sometime next year but there’s no details yet on if it will run in tandem with season 10