It was only two years ago when Terrence Malick released his critically acclaimed yet highly divisive magnum opus, The Tree of Life. In light of the fact that Malick has only directed five feature films in a span of forty years, the upcoming release of his latest effort, To the Wonder, takes us directly to the place which its title evokes. Moreover, the notoriously reclusive filmmaker has another three films lined up in post-production. Lucrative times indeed.

Having run the festival circuit last year (much to a lukewarm reception I might add), To the Wonder is set to be released in theatres on April 12th. Back in September, I got the chance to watch it at the Toronto International Film Festival. Like The Tree of Life before it, this is a movie that is bound to inflame polarization. While my own experience watching the film was a beautiful one, there were plenty of critics and audience members who felt differently. Starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem, To the Wonder is a visually-driven rumination on love, marriage, betrayal, spirituality, and faith. Check out the new trailer and clip below and feel for yourself what the movie is all about.