Psst! Do you want to know a secret? There's some very special news that I purposely left until the end of this round-up. When you hear this news, your insides will start melting pleasantly, and your eyes will cry long beautful tears. No, I am not building this up too much. Try not to skip to the end of this round-up, because there's some other (lesser) news that you may enjoy (you won't).

  • Do you still have Transformers fever? Or has Michael Bay destroyed the bastion of joy you once had for the series? Your answer doesn’t matter! There are plans to make a fifth Transformers film, as well as an animated prequel. Does this interest you, bud? IT DOESN’T MATTER! Source: Empire Online
  • Elizabeth Banks recently directed Pitch Perfect 2, which was a huge hit, so now there’s talks that she could direct a Charlie’s Angels revival. I love reporting on news that is based on assumptions and possibilities. Source: Empire Online
  • Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue (the greatest show on television), has signed a first-look deal with Spike TV. This means that he will be working to develop more content for the station, as my hopes for a Jon Taffer network is slowly coming to fruition. Source: Deadline
  • In the past few days, it was reported that the Pacific Rim sequel was delayed, and possibly placed on indefinite hold. However, Guillermo Del Toro, the film’s writer/director, has said that while there will be a delay, the film will still be made. The world rejoices, as their hopes and dreams of seeing giant robots fighting monsters from another dimension lives! Source: Empire Online
  • BIG NEWS! Well, only big if you’re a Pete Holmes superfan like me. Judd Apatow is directing a new series, written by Holmes, which is coming to HBO. The series will be called Crashing, and is loosely based on Holmes’ life (after his wife leaves him, he starts crashing on other comedian’s couches). If you don’t know who Pete Holmes is, you should watch some of his stand-up here, here, and here. Source: Deadline
  • Jenny Slate, who should have been nominated for something for her role in Obvious Child, has joined Mark Webb’s Gifted. She will play a mother who is trying to exploit her gifted daughter, in what I hope is an extension of her role as Liz on The Kroll Show. Source: Empire Online
  • With Bob and David, the quasi-Mr. Show reunion, will premiere on Netflix on November 13th. This is the best news of this round-up, so I was purposely saving it for last. With this news, I am going to binge watch Mr. Show this weekend (for the hundredth time in my life). Source: Deadline