There was a time in the late 90's when Courtney Cox was set to play Lois Lane, Chris Rock was Jimmy Olsen, Tim Allen was very nearly Bainiac and Nicholas Cage was SUPERMAN. It was a very strange production that saw a script penned by Kevin Smith (when he wrote good stuff!) shelved when Tim Burton came on board to direct, hiring a new writer and completely overhauling the script that Smith had created and Warner had greenlit, things began to move swiftly.

A new script was penned but Warner felt it was too expensive to continue with the project, so another rewrite was ordered to ensure that the film could be made within a budget of Warner's choosing. Progress on the project Superman Lives/Superman Reborn slowed to a grueling halt as Burton ventured off to make Sleepy Hollow. This Warner Superman project had already cost $30 Million with sound stages booked, development teams and designers put in place but nothing came of it. Tim Burton to this day the experience was one of the worst he has ever encountered in his career.

Below is a recently discovered image of the Superman that never was... Nicolas Cage!