It appears more people play on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode than in TV mode. Nintendo has revealed that the Switch's handheld mode is preferred more by users, edging out TV mode by a small margin.

In a financial briefing, Nintendo showed data detailing how registered Nintendo Account users play on the console while online. Nintendo came up with the data by looking into which mode was used for 80 percent of the play time.

The graph shows that the majority of users actually play in both modes. But around 30 percent of users play the Switch in handheld mode 80 percent of the time. On the other hand, less than 20 percent play in TV mode.

Based on the given data, it looks like Nintendo has been successful so far in driving home the Switch's main selling point of giving players multiple options to enjoy video games. It's a brand-new experience for consumers who are used to choosing between home consoles and handheld consoles for gaming.