There was a time in the 90's when Nintendo and Sega broke my heart, they were the kings of the console markets and they became arrogant with it. I was a Sega fanboy but I had a Super Nes, when Sega released the Saturn my parents paid through the nose for it and the console fell flat on its face within months because Sega couldn't be bothered to put the effort into marketing it, they were Sega their name alone would generate sales and for a while Nintendo believed the same about their products but saw the light before it was too late.

In that time Sony and then Microsoft became the Champions of the console market because they saw the gap and they exploited it. The evolution of gamers and the hardware they were playing on was immense. Games like Halo and God of War had gamers hooking their consoles up like IV's.

However Nintendo came out punching by maintaining its strong hold on the hand held gaming market and then launching a console aimed at the family, this console along with its innovative and immersive, yet active gameplay style. This was the console that turned happy children around the world into battered kids and broke TV's in Many homes due to user error. That console was the Nintendo Wii.

The console in question also caused episodes like this, proving that family pets viewing FPS games on a regular basis lose all sense of morality... It's not just a Nintendo Wii problem, it's a problem that all consoles and gaming developers around the world are responsible for!

The more he screams the harder he thrusts.... there is no happiness in that home anymore and now we know why Timmy kept jumping down the well... Sexual deviancy in family pets is no joke... play Mario, make them happy again!

For the hard core gamer who loved their FPS and their immersive worlds with graphics that could burn the hairs off your balls, the Nintendo Wii offered novelty but never really delivered on the drive and passion these gamers had for their games. It didn't really cater its online service to these gamers either!

That's all about to change with the Wii U which arrives in the US on November 18th and in Europe on November 30th, it's a small gap but it's just in time for Christmas!!!

So what's the skinny? Nintendo Wii U Finally catches up to current gen specs but is it a little late since Sony and Microsoft are supposedly going to announce their next next gen consoles in Summer 2013? If they do, it could mean the Nintendo Wii U only has a year of catching up before it once again gets left behind by the tech patrol.


The first noticeable thing about the Wii U is the fact that the controllers of doom have departed as the main form of control for your Wii but they are still usable. The new kid on the block is a tablet style controller that not only allows you to continue playing Wii U games in the palm of your hand but it also allows you to control your own social world within Nintendo's online community as well as keeping up to date on twitter and potentially streaming movies or TV episode from Netflix/Hulu while your other half or parents hog the TV!

It's a great little device but rumours are it will cost at least £100/$175 dollars to replace but there are no confirmed price points on accessories just yet. However the WiiU Pad does look like it will change the way you play your games alone and with friends as it can be used to perform actions within games, progress the story by flashing up messages and aiding your friends as they race through levels.

You can connect up to TWO GamePads to your Nintendo Wii U so if you plant to have others join in, you only need one more GamePad for your Wii U.


There will be TWO versions of the Wii U available on launch. The Wii U Basic Pack and the Wii U Premium Pack.

The Basic pack will come with a White Console and Game Pad, A HDMI Cable, Power cables and 8 GB of internal memory. The Premium Pack comes with a Black Console and Gamepad, HDMI cable, 32 GB internal memory, in addition to that you'll also get a stand for the console, a charging cradle for the GamePad, A Sensor Bar and Nintendo Land software.

The Premium pack also offers a reward point system for items bought from the online store, the rewards scheme will continue until the end of 2014.

That's a lot for your money but with plans to release games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin's Creed III what happens to all that downloadable content in the form of Multiplayer Levels and additional expansion packs for games? They can be quite hefty and I'm sure Nintendo have a plan for this but with the Wii lasting six years on the market before the arrival of the Wii U, will there be additional external storage release three years down the line?

The Cost?

$300/£250 for the Standard 8GB Pack and $350/£300 for the Premium WiiU Pack. There will also be a special ZombiU Premium Pack in Europe, price has yet to be confirmed for that. (Thanks UBISOFT you rock!)


The launch titles as they stand are: 

  • New Super Mario Bros U
  • Nintendo Land (Free with Premium Pack)
  • FIFA 13
  • ZombieU
  • Rayman Legends
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
  • Mass Effect 3

There's also a shed load of games in the pipeline but the three videos below can tell you all about what's coming and what you should be looking out for. So far New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU and Rayman Legends seem to be the games to watch if you truly want to put your new Nintendo WiiU and GamePad to the test!

ZombiU also appears to have some truly exciting survival revelations for those taking the game online, can you trust everyone you bump in to?




As you can see the games are surprisingly rich but one thing Nintendo haven't done is tell the multiplayer gamers they want to convert to their console how they're going to communicate on games like Black Ops II which is something they would love to know. It's great to see innovation and functionality but we also want to know how the standard stuff works as well.


As an Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gamer, I'm a little bit worried but intrigued with what the Wii U has to offer to the gaming generation of today, whilst there are some unanswered questions surrounding online game play and all that Jazz, I want to applaud Nintendo for finally catching up and embracing the single player gamer and bringing the Wii up to current spec. I do worry about the hard disk size, whilst the Xbox 360 and PS3 have so much more space to play with, the Wii U still lags behind and could be behind the curve again in a years time if Sony or Microsoft do decide to announce and launch the next generation Xbox or Playstation.

The videos above all have me sold but much like many out there, the economy has me jobless and right now there's just no way a lot of us can afford to invest in a new console let alone the premium price tags that retailers will pop on the games come launch day.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a Wii U at Eurogamer expo and report back on the questions that are left unanswered but good on you Nintendo, you're trying to be innovative and you're succeeding. Gamers in my circle of friends are getting annoyed with the repetitive nature of games hitting the shelves and the videos above show a wide variety of gaming genre's for casual and hardcore gamers to play.

The video below may be long but it certainly tells you the majority of what you need to know about Nintendo's Wii U. I hope it's a success because Nintendo have been providing quality gaming since my childhood and they continue to evolve their content to suit new audiences whilst keeping the old kids at heart like myself happy!

Good luck with the Launch Nintendo and if you're reading this and you like what you've seen don't forget to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking wonders!