Ever once in a while a 'sci-fi' game comes under my radar and makes me want to take the 1st rocket off to Mars. No Man's Sky is that game. Set for release in June the game is getting players excited and there are great reasons to be. So , let me be your guide and take you on an all- you-need-to-know-tour of what to expect from No Man's Sky and why you too should be booking that ticket to another galaxy.

No Man's Sky is an indie game that is being developed by indie studio Hello Games. The game will initially be launched for PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft gamers. I am a PC girl myself so it is exciting for me. The game is primarily an exploration game allowing the player to hop from star to star , planet to planet .There are set to be so many unique landscapes that players will have endless possibilities with regard to exploration. On top of exploration, there are other elements around survival, combat and training. These classic gameplay elements allow for a really multifaceted game and the graphics look amazing . There is a sense of wonder around the exploration and if the trailers are anything to go by the worlds look phenomenal. There is also the inclusion of a multiplayer aspect that allows players to share coordinates of finds with other players or to swap resources. 

The game itself really is a testament to indie game studios and what they are capable of. While Sony aided Hello Games with marketing the studio was adamant that it wanted to develop the game itself. No Man's Sky really does seem to offer a great many wonders withing its self and fans of the studio's other games. The game is said to be inspired by the writings of some of the writings of Isac Asimov and other classic science fiction authors. All in all No Man's Sky looks like a great exploration game, allowing the player to discover and interact with planets and the wonders that come with them .

In an attempt to support indie games , I hope that more of you out there start giving games like this and try and supporting the ladies and gents who pour their hearts into games. No Man's Sky is set for release in June 2016.