Considering that the very reason that Once Upon A Deadpool exists is to appeal to a younger audience, it is something of an own goal that the BBFC has given the film a 15 certificate for its UK release.

The toned down re-edit ofDeadpool 2adds Fred Savage to the cast for a framing device that recreates his iconic role from The Princess Bride. Deadpool reads young Mr Savage a bedtime story version of DP2 (against his will) with the naughty words and ultra-violence removed. Naturally, we can expect the fourth-wall breaking Merc with a Mouth will have something to say about the censored bits as they come up in the movie. Savage and Reynolds filmed eight brand new scenes a single day of sneaky filming on the 20th Century Fox backlot under director David Leitch's supervision.

In the US, Once Upon A Deadpool landed the desired PG-13 rating for its two-week limited theatrical release. However, many PG-13 rated movies end up with a 15 certificate owing to slightly more rigid criteria. Recently, surprise blockbuster Venom was deemed appropriate for a PG-13 audience, but the BBFC thought otherwise and slapped the Tom Hardy film with a 15 certificate.

Unlike our American friends who will have two full weeks to catch Once Upon A Deadpool in cinemas, UK fans will have just a single night (December 11) to see it on the big screen. Now that Disney is one step closer to finalizing its deal to acquire 20 Century Fox, I'm sure they'll be watching the film closely to see how (or if) Deadpool could work in future phases of the MCU.

If the idea of a diluted version of Deadpool 2 doesn't appeal to you, they've got you covered as the Extended Version on Home Entertainment has a ton of added profanity and violence. It really is the franchise that has something for everyone.

Once Upon A Deadpool is released for one night only on December 11, check your local cinema for more details.