The reboot of the hit horror franchise Paranormal Activity will be arriving much soon than previously reported. Initially, Paramount intended to release the movie in cinemas back in March, but the ongoing pandemic forced them to push the date by an entire year to March 4, 2022. Well, that's no longer the case as the as-yet-untitled reboot will now land on Paramount+ this October, just in time for Halloween. Paramount's Tanya Giles revealed (via Deadline) that the new film and a making-of documentary would be released exclusively on Paramount+.

"A new Paranormal Activity from Paramount Players should bring fans an unexpected reimagining of the beloved horror franchise. We'll also be launching a documentary on the making of the Paranormal Activity feature. Both of which will be coming to the service in time for Halloween."

A surprise release this year shouldn't come as a complete surprise as back in July, producer Jason Blum casually dropped the bombshell that production had already wrapped. If the ever convoluted story and timeline of events of the Paranormal Activity saga left you more confused than scared, the new movie is a clean slate, something that Blum was adamant was necessary to continue the long-running franchise. 

"Paramount wanted to continue Paranormal Activity, I probably would have left it alone. So they wanted to continue it, but I thought if they were gonna continue it, you gotta – it was tired, there was no way to continue the road that we'd been down...So I really encouraged all the creative people involved to think of something new. A lot of people who are going to go see the new Paranormal Activity were 3 years old when the first Paranormal Activity came out, so they don't even know from those older movies. I thought if you were going to re-do it, you better really re-do it, not try and expand what we did all those years ago."

Written by Christopher Landon (Freaky, Happy Death Day) and directed by William Eubank (Underwater, The Signal), Paranormal Activity will be released on Paramount+ this October.